Things I do after school


wir haben einen Blog im Netz gefunden, auf dem Kinder einer Schule in USA bei ihrer Lehrerin ebenfalls bloggen.

Das fanden wir cool. Die Kinder dort beschreiben, was sie nach der Schule so tun. Wir haben ebenfalls aufgeschrieben, was wir nach der Schule so tun und es ins Kommentarfeld geschrieben – natürlich in Englisch ;)) . Dort könnt ihr nachlesen.

Viel Spaß!

Den deutschen Text hat Finn für euch als Audioboo gesprochen – You can listen to the german text as an audioboo, recorded by Finn.

jetzt in englischer Sprache 😉


we found a blog on the internet: There, Kids in the USA blog with their teacher, too.

What a cool idea?! Kids are writing about what they do after school. We wrote what we do after school, too and put it in the comment-field.

You can read (and comment) it there.

Have fun.

15 Gedanken zu „Things I do after school

  1. After school

    Hi, my name is Miuccia I’m ten years old
    After school on wednesdays I go to dance class for one hour.
    Then I go home and do my homework.
    Afterwords I go out with my dog
    then I feed her,she likes that.
    After that I have my dinner,
    while I eat I wath TV.
    At half past eight o’clock I go to bed.

  2. My expiry on Wednesday afternoon

    Hello, I am Corinna.
    I come home at 16:20 o’clock. Sometimes I eat a sweet. If I have a lot to do I do homework! At 17:30 o’clock I have flute lessons I have a borrowed flute , I hope that I will get my own flute sometime. I play the flute now for about a year. I enjoy playing: It’s fun! I like to play some of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach or Wolgang Amadeus Mozart. My flute teacher thinks that I have been playing really well. Then I get home and watch TV or I eat dinner with my two sisters. Trashed I go to bed.I always read something else. I sleep about at 22:00 o’clock
    Byby Corinna

  3. When I get home, I do my homework. Sometimes I watch TV after homework or I play playstation. Sometimes I meet my friends. On friday, I go to the tennis-training. On Monday, I go swimming. I have three desert-running-mouses (I don’t know, what the word is – I called them „Stubsy“, Speedy and Batman). They run and build caves. Bye now.

  4. Hi,
    my name is Lia.I’m eleven years old.
    After School I do my homework. Then I listen to the radio. After that,I watch TV. At 8 o’clock I have dinner. Then I read. At 9 o’clock I go to bed.

  5. Hello,my name is Amelie.
    After school on Friday :
    I have lunch with my Dad.
    After that my friend comes to my house ,we color together and then go Dancing .
    I dance HiP – HOP. I dance to the Song : Yeah !!!
    Then my friend comes home with me again ,and we play in the garden.
    My friend goes Home.
    I sometimes watch the movie: Harry Potter.
    And then go to the bed.

  6. After school, I take the bus home. Then I do my homework. After that: a hot bath. After the bath, I get dressed, I watch TV or play Xbox. At 11:00 clock I go to bed. That’s it 😉

  7. Hello, my name is Kelly.
    After school,I watch TV.
    Then I do my homework.
    After that I have dinner with my family.
    After dinner I’m at my computer.
    After that I play piano.
    Sometimes I help my father in the garden.
    At 9’o clock I go to bed.

  8. When I come home I play on my iPod. Sometimes I play with my friends. Then I feed my cat and have dinner.
    On Tuesday I have judo. On Thursday I have Circus. That’s my day. How about you?

  9. After school, I do my homework and then I play football with my friends.
    After that I watch TV and I eat chips with chicken nuggets.
    😉 🙂 JENS 🙂 😉

  10. I go home at 4 pm.
    Then I do my homework. After I finished my homework I watch TV or surf the internet. At most 8 pm I eat.
    My day ends by 9 pm in bed.

  11. After School
    Hi, my name is Olivia and this is what I do after School.
    After School I go home. When School ends at 13:30 I can go to the library and do my homework there. If School ends at 4’o’clock I directly go home. Thursdays I go swimming after School and later I might go to the library. When I’m home, I get my I-Pod for an hour and on the weekends I often go to Friends or sometimes to Party’s.

  12. After school I go at home and have lunch. After that I make my homework. Then I go in the park and play football with my friends. At 7:00 a clock I go at home and have dinner. Then I play with my sister and then I go to bed.

  13. I go home at 4 o’clock with a bus.
    I eat and then I do my homework.At 5 o’clock – 6 o’clock I go to the soccertraining. When I come home I have a shower.
    After the shower I watch TV and at 9 o’clock I go to sleep.

  14. On mondays, after the school I go to the violin lessons.On tuesdays I
    go to the spectacle teaching. After the lunch I Go in the Garden and I play with my friends or my sister. After Then I have Dinner.

  15. Hello
    I’m Lorena and after school I do my homework and learn. I go to my dance class: that’s difficult. At 7:30 I’m at home and then I sometimes watch some TV. Until 9 o’clock I read and then I fall asleep.


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